About Us

The vision of Regional Rail, LLC is to acquire or create a core group of short-line railroads and or rail related companies, and to manage these companies according to best practices in the industry.

The business model of Regional Rail, LLC is to realize the synergies of combining these smaller entities into a larger enterprise, thereby reducing administrative costs, increasing marketing opportunities, improving negotiating position with suppliers and connecting carriers, and increasing the purchasing power of the combined entities. This will provide improved customer satisfaction, improved profitability, and facilitate long-term growth and continued reinvestment into these companies.

Corporate Overview

  • Formed April 2007
  • Diamondback Signal formed in 2012
  • 15 railroads, operating over 800 miles of mainline track
  • Primarily serving the Eastern US, with operations in the Canadian Provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta
  • Currently reviewing several expansion and acquisition opportunities


  • Robert C Parker, Director and Board Member
  • Alfred M Sauer, President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Financial Partners

Regional Rail has extensive experience, and a proven track record of success in many important areas:

  • Rail Operations:
    • Safety – Numerous Industry Awards
    • FRA Compliance
    • Service Design
    • Track Maintenance and Construction
  • State and Local Relations
    • State Rail Authorities, DOT, Port Authorities, Commuter Agencies, MPO’s, Amtrak
  • Class I Relations and Negotiations
    • Interchange Agreements
    • Operating Agreements
    • Trackage Rights / Joint Facilities
    • Rate Agreements
  • Business Development
    • Growth with Existing Customers
    • Industrial Development
    • Transloads