Carolina Coastal Railway (CLNA) operates on 179 miles of track in Northeastern North Carolina, and serves the Port of Morehead City, North Carolina

AAR Alpha Code: CLNA
AAR Numeric Code: 107
Track Miles: 179
Locomotives: 16 locomotives
Additional Services: Storage, Switching, Track Maintenance

Transloading Services:

Greenville Transload, Greenville NC
Rocky Mount Transload, Rocky Mount, NC

Port Services:

Port of Morehead City

Industrial Development:

For confidential information on available sites and assistance in determining the optimal site for your companies needs, please contact Alan Bridgers (252) 237-8259.


CSX Transportation
Norfolk Southern Railway
Port of Morehead City

General Contact Information:

Carolina Coastal Railway Inc.
1700 Black Creek Road
Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 237-8259 Phone

Individual Contacts:

GM, Director of Operations and Maintenance:
Alan Bridgers – (252) 237-8259

Business Development:
Chris Spiceland – (484) 502-6133

Customer Service: – (252) 237-8259